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Contents (Vol. 6, No. 1, 2003 )

Biocontrol potential of Assassin bug (Hemiptera : Reduviidae) Dunston P. Ambrose 1 - 44

Medicinal insects and insect-fungus relationship in high altitude areas of Kumaon hills in Central Himalayas Mohammad Arif and Narendra Kumar 45 -

Use of Indian medicinal plants in fertility regulation in mammals

R. K. Sharma, Girish Chopra, Gian Bhushan and Kanchan Munjal

Pollutional impact of tannery effluents on the physico-chemical characteristics of the river Yamuna at Agra (U P), India Yashodhara Sharma and Ashok Verma

Scrotum temperature and sperm densities of normal and tobacco chewers healthy human

Ragini Ranjan, A. K. Dubey, G. N. Trivedi and Amrita Singh

Studies on the predatory efficiency of the water stick insect, Ranatra filiformis on mosquito larva, Culex fatigans A. Amsath

Nematode associated with red weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Linn. in Kerala

G. Gulsar Banu and G. Rajendran

Radioprotective effect of M P G on D N A contents of mouse ileum Vinod B. Mathur

Parasites of uzifly, Exorista sorbillans Wiedemann (Diptera : Tachinidae) V. Taxonomy of Spilomicrus karnatakensis Sharma (Hymenoptera : Diapridae) Anand Kumar

Effect of Curcuma longa (turmeric) on the commercial characters of multivoltine silkworm, Bombyx mori K. Sujatha and A. Purushotam Rao

Parasites of uzifly, Exorista sorbillans Wiedemann (Diptera : Tachinidae) VI. Effect of temperature and developmental period, progeny production and longevity of Spilomicrus karnatakensis Sharma (Hymenoptera : Diapridae) Anand Kumar

Haematological responses in Rattus norvegicus Linn. exposed to malathion

A. J. Dhembare, Nalini V. Sonawane and R. N. Gacche

Clinical changes due to third stage infective larvae of sheep hookworm in experimentally infected host Shashi Kiran

Biodiversity of Undasa wetland Ujjain (India) with special reference of its conservation Sharad Shrivastav, Arvind N. Shukla and K. S. Rao

Triamcinolone Acetonide induced modulation of pharmacodynamic features in Rattus norvegicus J. Yazhini, R. Chandra, J. Revathy and P. Subramanian

Effect of ecological factors on total free amino acids contents in the silk gland of a multivoltine silkworm, Bombyx mori Linn. K. P. Gaur and V. B. Upadhyay

Molluscicidal activities of plant extract of Phyllanthus niruri on prostate gland of Laevicaulis alte (Ferussac) (Mollusca) M. Chandran and S. P. Saverkodiyon

Evaluation of the consumption and nutritional efficiency in three new bivoltine hybrids (C S R series) silkworm, Bombyx mori Linn.

V. K. Rahamathulla, G. S. Vindya, G. Sreenivas and R. G. Geetha Devi

Recent advances in brood stock management, induced breeding and larval rearing of the Indian fresh water catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis A. K. Pandey and B. N. Singh

Euclinostomum srivastavi (Pandey and Baugh, 1970)n. comb., A rare larval trematode from Meerut, with a note on the genus Metaclinostomum H. S. Singh, Malti, Rakhi Rastogi, Priyavrat Arya and Yougesh Kumar

Determination of induced effect of phytopesticide Biosal (neem based formulation) on cholinersterase and protein in kidney and liver of Calotes versicolor

M. Z. Khan, S. N. H. Naqvi, M. F. Khan, Rahila Tabassum,

I. Ahmad, F. Farina and R. M. Tariq

Disruption of growth and metamorphosis in Dysdercus koenigii Fabr. (Heteroptera : Pyrrhocoridae) by some plant extracts Ashok Verma and Gaurav Kumar Yadav

Helminth fauna of wall lizards at Meerut

H. S. Singh, Priyavrat Arya, Neeraj Kumar and Yougesh Kumar

Host plants and defence behaviour of Halys dentatus Fabr. (Heteroptera : Pentatomidae)

S. C. Dhiman and Y. K. Yadav

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